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Unaware of their rights, many Floridians end up being manipulated by the justice system, suffering mental, physical, and financial losses in the process. Paying more than the legal requirement for a bond or bail, and submitting to unlawful arrests are two of the most common ways ignorance of your rights can lead to serious consequences.

You are particularly susceptible to such abuse of rights when in need of a bond or when anticipating arrest (where you know that law enforcement officials have taken out a warrant in your name). These situations can cause stress and affect your ability to think and act clearly. But that shouldn’t stop you from demanding (and receiving) fair and just treatment in a court of law.

Contacting Moses and Rooth, Attorneys at Law is one way to ensure that your rights will be respected. Our firm is dedicated to criminal defense and is familiar with every individual subsection and clause of Florida law. We can not only guide you through the process of paying bonds or submitting to warrants, but also uncover unlawful arrests.

Four gray areas where seeking experienced legal help is a good idea

While the entire criminal justice system can be confusing, four common areas where lack of experienced legal representation can harm you, include:

  • Bond hearings
    Only an experienced bonds and warrants attorney will be able to protect your rights and best interests during bond hearings. It is not uncommon for judges to impose harsh conditions like forfeiture of passport, GPS ankle monitor, curfews, or home confinement as a contition of release. Further, bond amounts can be set unjustly high. We are experienced to understand the type of testimony and evidence needed at the hearing to have the bond amount and conditions modified.
  • Bond posting
    When its time to post a bond, you want to get out of jail as quickly as possible. Any delay in paperwork or required documentation can delay the release by hours and even days. Having a friend or family member post a bond can be complicated, especially if the one entrusted with posting is not familiar with the process. We will oversee the process and make sure your release is done efficiently.
  • Failure to appear in court
    A charge does not go away if you ignore it. By failing to appear in court, you could face even greater criminal penalties and a bench warrant may be issued for your arrest. If you failed to appear, we can defend you from the charges and work to have the warrant set aside.
  • Extradition
    Florida laws allow for your extradition from another state or county, which can be very inconvenient, embarrassing, and frustrating. Even if the warrant is for a crime committed long ago and you are out of Florida for an important family or business event, you could be detained and brought back to the county where you were the charges originated. The extradition process can take several weeks while being detained in an out of state jail.When you have a friend or family member arrested outside the county or state, you need to understand the process. At Moses and Rooth, we will ensure you are not being subjected to unnecessary and/or unlawful extradition. We will explain how we can have your friend or family member released from custody and confirm the validity of the arrest warrant.
    Before signing a warrant, the judge must examine the reliability and if probable cause exists. We are well versed in teh requirements for issuing an arrest warrant. Our attorneys can review the circumstances of your cae and advise if the extradition should be challenged.
  • Arrest warrant
    Ignoring a court summons can put you in greater risk of incurring hefty fines or harsh punishments. Failure to appear for a court summons may result in the issuance of a bench warrant. If a warrant has been issued for a failure to appear after the issuance of a summons, our firm can provide the proper advice. If a warrant was issued for failure to appear, we may be able to file a motion to set aside the warrant and explain to the court your reasoning behind the failure to appear. The way you handle bonds and warrants can determine your freedom before your trial. Contact Moses and Rooth, Attorneys at Law to receive the legal guidance you need. Call us for a free consultation today.

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