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Orange County Establishing a Veteran’s Court

I was recently informed that Orange County is starting a Veteran’s Court and that Judge Brewer will oversee these cases.  I want to thank Judge Brewer for taking on this challenge and look forward to working with him to help Veteran’s in our community. The Veteran’s Court is a diversion program that was established to help veterans who find themselves in criminal trouble and who have special needs that the traditions diversion or ptd program is not equipped to address.  Much like Drug Court the veteran will be required to come to court on a regular basis so the Judge can keep track of the cases’s status.  Assuming the veteran successfully completes the program then all charges will be dismissed against him or her. As a criminal defense attorney I have seen a rise in combat veterans who are in need of help navigating the criminal justice system.  I think that this program has the potential to be extremely successful and helpful.  It is my understanding that employees of the Veterans Administration are involved with this program and will be able to assist veteran in obtaining the social services that they earned and truly need. The specifics of the program have not been announced yet and we will be sure to update everyone as the details emerge.  I have seen Seminole County’s Veteran’s Court and hope that Judge Brewer can be as successful.

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