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Archives for: October 16th, 2019

Backpages Continue to Lead To Prostitution Arrests

Written by Moses & Rooth on September 18, 2013

In 2010 this blog reported that Backages.com was becoming the new Craigslist.com when it came to “adult services” on the web.  Well two years later and it still looks like backpages.com has continued down this road.  The Sun-Sentinel is reporting that a landlord was suspicious…Read More

Federal sex crime registration law needs to be modified: Part II

Written by Moses & Rooth on December 26, 2012

Earlier this week, we began discussing federal oversight of sex offender registration and reporting. Generally, individuals convicted of certain sex crimes are required to tell state officials where they are residing and working. A change in address must be reported to the state. However, some offenders required to register…Read More

Federal sex crime registration law needs to be modified: Part I

Written by Moses & Rooth on December 23, 2012

The federal government has a vested interest in activities that involve the crossing of state lines. For while states can govern a great deal of daily life within their own borders, when individuals and commerce cross state lines, inconsistencies in policies and procedures can lead to inconsistent and other various…Read More

31 men arrested in Florida sex crime sting

Written by Moses & Rooth on November 8, 2012

Operation SpiderWeb 2 was the name police authorities gave to an internet-based scheme to catch sex offenders attempting to solicit minors in Orange County, Florida. The sex sting led to the arrest of 31 Florida males who were lured to the arrest location by police drafted online posts offering…Read More

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