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Archives for: July 30th, 2018

How Much Marijuana Can I Possess Before it is Considered a Felony?

Written by Moses & Rooth on February 21, 2018

To many people, marijuana is considered a harmless drug. However, given that the laws vary from state to state, many would disagree. While it may seem as though marijuana is pretty much decriminalized in the United States, some states still have harsh penalties in place when it comes…Read More

Marijuana Concentrates are increasing in popularity

Written by Moses & Rooth on December 27, 2013

A new method of smoking marijuana concentrates is starting to become much more popular across the country.  It’s called a dab of butane honey oil or BHO dabs (also known as “wax” or shatter”).  The widespread growth is probably attributed to the increased legalization of marijuana in several states.

Even…Read More

Might There Be a Better Solution

Written by Moses & Rooth on January 23, 2013

The Orlando Sentinel reports that Florida State Senator Rob Cole has introduced legislation which would make possession of synthetic marijuana marketed under the names “spice” and “K-2” illegal, as well as a number of other substances.  Possession of these substances would carry a penalty of up…Read More

What a High: Florida Man Avoids Marijuana Possession Charges

Written by Moses & Rooth on June 29, 2012

A Kissimmee man accused of lying about being robbed and assaulted during an attempted drug buy was recently taken into custody.

The man told Osceola County Sheriff’s deputies that he had planned to meet with an unknown woman to make a drug deal. But when he went, the Kissimmee man said…Read More

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