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Archives for: June 20th, 2014

Florida man found guilty for tax fraud and identity theft

Written by Moses & Rooth on June 20, 2014

White collar crimes come in all flavors. One of the more common ones in the last decade has been identity theft. This criminal offense, which has become more prevalent since technology has everyone doing business electronically, can branch off into numerous other crimes. Tax fraud is just one of them.

A…Read More

2 Orlando men accused of running a prostitution ring

Written by Moses & Rooth on June 13, 2014

Ten individuals have been arrested in connection with an alleged organized crime and prostitution ring in Orlando. Agents from the Metropolitan Bureau of Investigation completed the arrests after raiding three different homes on a recent Wednesday. The arrests came following a 16-year-old going to police to say that she and…Read More

Former educator accused of sexual battery dating back to 1990s

Written by Moses & Rooth on June 11, 2014

The former chair of an East Coast school board has been arrested and charged in Florida in connection with a variety of sex crimes dating back to the 1990s. Authorities report that the 53-year-old technology expert is accused of abusing girls in Virginia, where he served as a politician, ex-military…Read More

Cases involving possible FBI errors are being scrutinized

Written by Moses & Rooth on August 2, 2013

The American public has become increasingly fascinated with criminal science and forensic evidence analysis over the past decade or so. A staggering number of popular television programs and bestselling books focus on the impact that these processes have on both the prosecution of accused persons and the criminal defenseRead More

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