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Final Victim of Colorado Movie Shooting Discharged From Hospital

The last patient still being hospitalized after being injured during the horrific Colorado movie theater shooting in July was finally discharged from the hospital earlier this week, according to a statement released by the University of Colorado Hospital. The patient, a comedian by profession, was one of the 58 people injured during the movie theater mass shooting that also left 12 dead. Per the hospital’s statement, the patient will be sent to long-term care center following his hospital stay. Conceal & Carry in Florida It can hardly be disputed that this terrible event has stirred the emotions of the nation, including those here in Florida. While many feel this incident illustrates the need for tighter gun control, many others believe this shooting is further proof that people should be able to carry guns for self defense – the idea being that if someone in the theater had a gun that tragic night they would have been able to stop the gunman, and thus save lives. Here in Florida, many residents believe their right to carry a gun is one of their most fundamental rights. However, those not previously licensed to carry a concealed gun in Florida need to avoid the kneejerk reaction of simply starting to carry a gun without first obtaining proper licensing and training. If you decide to conceal and carry a firearm in Florida without a license, you run the risk of not only facing a penalty for carrying the gun, but you may disqualify yourself from ever being eligible for a conceal and carry permit sometime in the future. Our firm often handles situations in which people are charged with crimes stemming from their carrying of a concealed gun. If you would like to learn more about our criminal law practice, please feel free to visit our Orlando Concealed Weapons Charges Defense page.

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