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Archives for: May 1st, 2014

Clerks deputized in Florida to deal with domestic violence

Written by Moses & Rooth on May 1, 2014

The Clerk of Court in Orange County, Florida, has changed the way that the local government can deal with domestic violence situations. This was done, according to those involved, because there are domestic violence cases that need to be addressed on off hours; they do not always come up during…Read More

Ryan Malone facing DUI and cocaine charges

Written by Moses & Rooth on April 16, 2014

Ryan Malone, a forward for the Tampa Bay Lightning, is facing both DUI and cocaine charges after being arrested in Florida. Malone was driving in a large SUV when he made a left turn and ran over a curb. This was at 3:15 in the morning, and nearby officers were…Read More

Cheating accusation ends in domestic assault charge for officer

Written by Moses & Rooth on April 11, 2014

Florida law enforcement officers are often called out to intervene in domestic violence issues. Sometimes, they find themselves visiting the same home over and over when they have two people with volatile tempers living in the same household. Their job is to protect each individual from harm, even if it…Read More

25 suspects in Florida charged with ID theft and tax fraud

Written by Moses & Rooth on April 4, 2014

Twenty-five people in Florida were arrested and charged with counts of tax fraud and identify theft in the last few weeks, as authorities worked to crack down on what they say is a crime that has been growing in popularity lately. The crime can keep people who deserve tax returns…Read More

$2 million meth bust in Polk County

Written by Moses & Rooth on March 21, 2014

Drug offenses can be quite serious, especially when there is a large quantity of drugs involved. Being convicted of a drug crime can have serious consequences. According to Florida statute 893.135(1)(f), the sale, purchase, manufacture, delivery, or knowledgeable possession of more than 200 or more grams of meth is a…Read More

4 Florida residents arrested for conspiracy of making meth

Written by Moses & Rooth on December 26, 2013

Four individuals have recently been arrested under suspicion of making illegal drugs. Florida police suspect that the accused persons manufactured methamphetamine out of a camper trailer in the Pine Lakes area near Eustis. Each person was arrested after a search of the trailer, and each faces charges of conspiracyRead More

Florida man sentenced to 20 years for drug crimes

Written by Moses & Rooth on October 19, 2013

Drug charges can result in very serious consequences for individuals in Florida. Drug convictions can mean serving time in prison as well as living with the stigma of having a drug conviction on your criminal record for the rest of your life.

A recent drug case in Florida is an example…Read More

Florida troopers arrest 3 for drug charges following traffic stop

Written by Moses & Rooth on October 2, 2013

Three individuals were arrested after a traffic stop in Florida allegedly led to the discovery of illegal drugs.  The drugs were claimed to have been hidden inside of the rental car.  Florida troopers reported finding a drug commonly known as Molly, high-grade marijuana, and ecstasy pills.  The Florida Highway Patrol…Read More

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