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Prescription Drugs In Florida

People often erroneously believe that just because prescription drugs are lawfully prescribed to people that necessarily implies that they cannot be harmful. Not only is taking prescription drugs that are not prescribed to you dangerous, it is also illegal. People who either are lawfully prescribed drugs that sell them to others or those who unlawfully obtain the drug are all equally culpable under the law for prescription drug offenses. Adderall is probably the most commonly known abused prescription drug on college campuses, especially around exam time. There is now a market for nearly all prescription drugs on the “black market”—a startling fact that has led to those who actually need a prescription being denied access at pharmacies, and those without a prescription being able to access drugs easier than ever.

Prescription Drugs

The widespread use of prescription drugs by those who are not lawfully prescribed such drugs is a matter of public health. Over 44,000 annual deaths are attributed to drug overdoses according to The Daily World, and prescription-related deaths currently outnumber those from cocaine and heroin combined.

The interesting thing about prescription drug abuse is that nearly anyone can fall victim to it. For example, a Florida teacher was recently arrested after allegedly selling Xanax to an undercover officer. On campuses throughout America, obtaining prescription drugs is increasingly easy, as many people have legitimate prescriptions for ADHD, depression, anxiety, or a host of real medical problems.

The other problem with prescription drug abuse goes far beyond the illegality to the extent that many people mix prescription drugs with alcohol or other drugs. Many prescription drugs have labels that warn that use of alcohol may intensify the effects of the medication, or urge users not to drink at all while taking the medication.

Misusing prescription drugs on college campuses especially can lead to additional problems besides health and law related. Suspensions, expulsions, and other punishments are possible if a student is caught unlawfully using/selling these drugs on campus.

Orlando, Florida Prescription Drug Attorneys

Using, selling, or sharing prescription medication that is not yours or not prescribed to you can have serious legal consequences. Even a valid prescription can cause problems if you take pills out of the bottle, put pills in another bottle, or carry them freely away from the prescribed bottle. If you do have a lawful prescription for a drug, remember not to share it with anyone for any reason, even if you are asked and feel pressured to do so. Just because you have a prescription for a drug does not make it lawful to share with others. If you are selling prescription drugs, purchasing prescription drugs, or obtaining them unlawfully and have been charged with a crime, our experienced prescription drug crime defense attorneys at Moses & Rooth can help. Contact our Orlando law office to learn more about your legal rights and potentially minimize the negative effects a criminal charge or conviction may have on your life.

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