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Florida Probation Information
Placed on probation? Let us protect your rights.

Florida Probation Information

Either as an alternative to incarceration or in conjunction with incarceration, probation is a commonly used sanction in county and circuit courts. While on probation, you are still under the court’s rule and must comply with standard conditions.

At Moses and Rooth Attorneys at Law, in Orlando, our criminal defense lawyers represent people throughout Central Florida. When you are placed on probation in lieu of or in conjunction with jail time or a prison sentence, you have to follow the rules of the court. Our attorneys are aware of the advantages and disadvantages to being on probation, and we can inform you of your rights related to this matter.

Placed on Probation? You Must Comply With Standard Conditions.

When on probation, you will be required to follow a strict set of guidelines as set forth in a Probation Order. The order is an agreement between you and the county or circuit court, and it is supervised by a probation officer. Terms of the order can include the following special conditions:

  • Community service
  • Being restricted to a certain geographical area
  • Following a work plan
  • Attending all appointments with your probation officer
  • Participating in drug and/or alcohol treatment
  • Submitting to regular drug and/or alcohol testing
  • Paying monetary fines
  • Weapons restrictions

Failure to comply with the guidelines can result in a violation of probation.

Moses and Rooth handles defenses to violations of probation as well as early termination of probation and violations of probation bonds.

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