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International Drive also referred to as I-Drive is the main tourism district in Orlando. The street is lined with tourist shops, entertainment venues, theme park ticket outlets, restaurants and hotels. The driving forces behind the International Drive are the main theme park attractions in Central Florida which include Walt Disney World, SeaWorld, Gator Land, Universal Studios and Lego Land (just outside Orlando but a great destination). With all the tourism in the International Drive area, law enforcement makes a strong presence. The powerful theme parks often times have a no tolerance standard toward crime on their property. The tourists often struggle with balancing a criminal case in the International Drive area when they live out of state, and even out of the country.

The Attorneys at Moses and Rooth Attorneys at Law are experienced in representing cases from the International Drive district. We are very familiar with clients who need to return home after a visit to the theme parks and cannot take the time off work to return for court every few weeks.

The International Drive district is flooded with tourists from all over the world. Some of the most common crimes occurring in the International Drive area include: theft, DUI, disorderly conduct, prostitution, and battery. Our attorneys are experienced and understand the importance of protecting your rights even if you live outside the central Florida area.

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