How Can I Get My Driver’s License Back in Florida?

If your driver’s license has been suspended, you are not alone. The State of Florida uses the penalty of driver’s license suspension for a broad range of violations, from traffic violations and DUI to marijuana possession.

The processes for avoiding and reinstating driving privileges are highly complex due to the many circumstances and laws affecting license suspensions. For instance:

  • Avoiding suspension may involve amending criminal charges, questioning the time frame of multiple offenses or overturning a previous conviction
  • Reversing a suspension may involve challenging citations and toll violations or, if you drove with a suspended license, conclusively demonstrating that you were unaware your license had been suspended

If you have questions regarding driver’s license suspension, contact the attorneys of the Orlando, Florida, law firm of Moses and Rooth Attorneys at Law. We offer a free review of driving and citation records, and have a long track record of success in handling traffic-related legal issues.

Have you asked yourself “how can I get my driver’s license back?” Are you concerned about a pending license suspension? Contact the attorneys of Moses and Rooth Attorneys at Law at 407-377-0150 for experienced and diligent legal help.

Firm lawyers Andrew Moses and Jay R. Rooth have handled license suspension cases for clients facing numerous legal challenges, including:

  • First-offense violations
  • Multiple violations (including individuals facing dozens of violations)
  • Habitual traffic offender status
  • License suspension following a civil judgment regarding child support payments, toll violations, outstanding violations and failure to appear
  • DUI
  • Suspensions following a conviction for theft

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We work to minimize costs and can pursue your best option including, in some circumstances, a business purpose only license (BPO). For a no-charge consultation with an experienced attorney, contact our Orlando law office.