Government Steps-Up Prescription Drug Enforcement in Florida

Florida is dealing with prescription drug abuse by targeting the suppliers. The Drug Enforcement Administration says pharmacies are at the forefront of this issue. The agency believes pharmacies might be stocking up on prescription drugs and then illegally filling them for doctors involved in a black market distribution ring, or selling them directly to consumers.

Prescription Drugs in Florida

Though believed not to be as widespread as just a couple years ago, the Sunshine State and its larger metros like Orlando continue to deal with the prescription drug market.

Several Walgreens stores are under watch and two CVS pharmacies have already been disciplined after inspectors found the locations began ordering massive amounts of the addictive painkiller Oxycodone from distributors. In 2009, one of the stores in question purchased 95,000 doses. In 2011, the number jumped considerably to 2.1 million. The DEA banned the sale of painkillers at these CVS locations.

According to reports, Florida in the past housed 90 of the country’s top 100 Oxycodone buying doctors and 53 of the nation’s top 100 Oxycodone buying pharmacies. However, recently those numbers have declined to 13 and 19, respectively – partly due to the government crack down on those they believe are breaking the law.

While Florida government agencies continue their targeted campaign on Florida doctors and pharmacies, it is important to remember just because the prescription drug activity looks suspicious does not mean the pharmacies or entities in question are doing anything illegal. They are innocent until proven guilty. As for the accused, prescription drug trafficking is a serious charge. Seeking the counsel of an experienced prescription drug attorney can be of great help.