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Orlando Mail & Wire Fraud Defense Attorneys

Federal fraud charges such as mail fraud or wire fraud can lead to ruined reputations and careers. A conviction for either crime can lead to decades in prison and excessive monetary fines. To provide yourself with the best opportunity at defeating the allegations against you, seek out experienced legal representation.

At Moses and Rooth Attorneys at Law, our Florida federal criminal defenseattorneys have focused their careers solely on representing individuals facing criminal charges, including white collar crimes such as these. We have a thorough understanding of the criminal process and will help guide you through each step. We make ourselves available to answer questions and put your fears at ease. If you are facing fraud charges, reach out to our Orlando mail and wire fraud defense lawyers today to discuss your situation.

Helping You Understand Mail and Wire Fraud Charges

To be charged with mail fraud, the prosecution must show that piece of mail involved was sent across state lines. To be charged with wire fraud, the scheme to defraud someone must have been committed through wire, radio or television — this includes any fraudulent activity occurring through the Internet. Mail and wire fraud prosecutions are generally successful due to the definition of the crimes; all the prosecution must show is intent to defraud, not that fraud has actually occurred. If you are facing charges for mail fraud or wire fraud, you will want to reach out to an experienced defense attorney immediately.

Sentencing in Federal Mail and Wire Fraud Cases

When you are charged with mail fraud or wire fraud, the government will also look to any other relevant crimes that it can add on top of the original charge. This is done to enhance the crime, which increases the mandatory minimum sentences as set out in the federal sentencing guidelines. For this reason alone, it is extremely important that you have a strong legal advocate by your side to ensure you are not being charged with irrelevant crimes and that any sentencing you may face appropriately fits the alleged crime.

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