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Can a Florida resident be removed from the sex offender's list?

Florida laws regarding sex offenders and predators is very strict. Every citizen residing in the state of Florida who is convicted of a sexual offense, as defined in the Florida statutes, must register as a sex offender with the local sheriff's office in the county of their residence. The information is then made public record.

Sting leads to charges against Florida theme park worker

It is the greatest place on Earth, unless you are an accused sex offender. That is what one Florida man has discovered about Walt Disney World, his former employer, after he was charged with child pornography sex crimes. The man pleaded not guilty to charges of traveling to meet a minor for unlawful sexual activity, along with allegations of soliciting a child for sexual acts. The man is just one of dozens of Disney workers who have been accused of sex crimes against kids in recent years; in all, 32 area theme park employees have been convicted since 2006, with some representing Universal Studios and SeaWorld.

Florida man with extensive record assaults girl in Walmart

A man in Florida who has a list of arrests for sex crimes has recently found himself facing more charges after he allegedly touched a girl while in a local Walmart. Most recently, the man was allowed to leave prison in the summer of 2013. This event could end up putting him back behind bars again if he is convicted.

2 Orlando men accused of running a prostitution ring

Ten individuals have been arrested in connection with an alleged organized crime and prostitution ring in Orlando. Agents from the Metropolitan Bureau of Investigation completed the arrests after raiding three different homes on a recent Wednesday. The arrests came following a 16-year-old going to police to say that she and other individuals had been forced into prostitution by the alleged crime ring.

Former educator accused of sexual battery dating back to 1990s

The former chair of an East Coast school board has been arrested and charged in Florida in connection with a variety of sex crimes dating back to the 1990s. Authorities report that the 53-year-old technology expert is accused of abusing girls in Virginia, where he served as a politician, ex-military police officer and teacher. The defendant was arrested on June 2 after the sexual battery charges came to light.

Orlando woman charged with prostitution and child neglect

A 22-year-old woman has been arrested in Orlando, Florida, and charged with child neglect and prostitution, as well as theft. She allegedly lured men to her home with solicitation of sex with young girls, and then the men were robbed at gunpoint when they entered the home. Her scheme was said to have been going on for about four months before she was busted.

Florida man accused of misconduct with school age child

Sex crimes or accusations are filed at alarming rates in Florida and other places. These types of crimes generate a lot of emotion from citizens. Most people usually see the alleged perpetrator as being someone who has no scruples.

Seminole County Sex Sting...Again

Seems like every other month law enforcement is conducting another undercover child-sex sting operation.  This occurs so often you would think that the police are making money off these cases.  Well they are, or at least obtaining money to run these programs.  This time it was conducted in Seminole County and 26 men were arrested in "operation safenet".

Florida lawmakers seek to reform the state's sex offender laws

We noted a few months ago that some Florida lawmakers have vocalized that reforming the state’s sex offender laws is going to be a priority for them during the 2014 legislative session. It seems that many more have jumped on this legislative bandwagon. Specifically, many Florida lawmakers are concerned that too many individuals convicted of sex crimes are reoffending once they have been released from custody.

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