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Florida man accused of misconduct with school age child

Sex crimes or accusations are filed at alarming rates in Florida and other places. These types of crimes generate a lot of emotion from citizens. Most people usually see the alleged perpetrator as being someone who has no scruples.

Seminole County Sex Sting...Again

Seems like every other month law enforcement is conducting another undercover child-sex sting operation.  This occurs so often you would think that the police are making money off these cases.  Well they are, or at least obtaining money to run these programs.  This time it was conducted in Seminole County and 26 men were arrested in "operation safenet".

Florida lawmakers seek to reform the state's sex offender laws

We noted a few months ago that some Florida lawmakers have vocalized that reforming the state’s sex offender laws is going to be a priority for them during the 2014 legislative session. It seems that many more have jumped on this legislative bandwagon. Specifically, many Florida lawmakers are concerned that too many individuals convicted of sex crimes are reoffending once they have been released from custody.

Full and fractional liability for child pornography possession

The case of a woman named Amy may help to set the stage for the kinds of restitution that individuals convicted of possessing child pornography could be required to pay victims. This month, the Supreme Court is hearing arguments in the Amy case. Amy was sexually assaulted by her uncle when she was a child. The images that her uncle produced and distributed are some of the most popular child pornography images in the world.

Online prostitution sting in Florida results in 80 arrests

If an individual is charged with prostitution or soliciting prostitution in Florida, he or she faces the possibility of criminal consequences if there is a conviction, in addition to the likelihood of personal and professional repercussions. After a recent online prostitution sting by the Polk County Sheriff's Office, 80 people now face this possibility. Local deputies conducted the operation between Dec. 12 and 15.

Florida cases grapple with important sex crime issue

Recent cases filed in Florida court ask important questions about a seemingly straightforward sex crime law. In the majority of states, including Florida, it is considered a sex crime to have sexual intercourse with a partner if you have a sexually transmitted disease and have not disclosed this information to your sexual partner. This law seems fairly straightforward at first glance.

Another Sex Sting in Osceola County

Law enforcement conducted yet another undercover child-sex sting operation in Osceola County.  The obvious hope is to arrest would be child molesters and abusers.  The people who were caught up the sting will most likely be arrested for charges of traveling to meet a minor or solicitation of a minor.

Addressing underage sexual acts appropriately

The juvenile justice system operates under the principle that children who commit illegal acts are uniquely capable of rehabilitation and are uniquely deserving of a second chance at living a life free of crime. Unfortunately, even placing children within the juvenile justice system can affect them negatively for life. And in many cases, children are transferred to the adult system and face devastating drug, violence and sex crime charges that can lead to a life imprisoned or otherwise compromised.

Sex Crimes Operation "e-Guardian" arrests 15

Law enforcement sex crimes units just announced 25 arrests for traveling to meet a minor in the Tampa area. The Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) combined forces with the Department of Homeland security, Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office, Office of Statewide Prosecution and the Hillsborough County State Attorney's Office. FDLE is reporting that the majority of those accused have been arrested and charged with online solicitation of a minor for sex, traveling to meet a minor for sex, sending harmful material to a minor and unlawful use of two-way device. If the accused are convicted as charged, they are facing significant prison time and the requirements of a registered sex offender.

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