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Why the drug war is doomed

An article in Forbes by Jacob Sullum examined the economics of the war on drugs.  I have read plenty of articles which looked at the amount of money that the United States has expended in the war on drugs including law enforcement, prosecution, and incarceration.  However this is the first article that I have seen which looks at this from a purely economic perspective and explains why we are losing the this war but it does not tell me why the US government has not realized that they are simply banging the head against a wall.

Truck driver delivering Florida OJ acquitted on drug charges

Federal criminal court trials rarely result in an acquittal on all charges. But that is exactly what a U.S. District Court jury did in the case involving a truck driver accused of smuggling drugs while transporting orange juice to Florida. The case involved charges of three counts of felony federal drug charges, including smuggling. The drugs in question were roughly 5,000 pills of psychedelic tryptamine, which were found in plastic zip-lock bags behind a panel in the suspect's truck.

Might There Be a Better Solution

The Orlando Sentinel reports that Florida State Senator Rob Cole has introduced legislation which would make possession of synthetic marijuana marketed under the names "spice" and "K-2" illegal, as well as a number of other substances.  Possession of these substances would carry a penalty of up to a year in jail and those caught selling or manufaturing these drugs could be charge with a first-degree felony punishable by up to 30 years in prison.

'Bath salts' don't create zombies, but the Navy still wants them gone

You probably recall last May's infamous Miami story of a naked man who attacked a homeless man and chewed off his face. It was blamed on a synthetic variant of the drug methylenedioxypyrovalerone, otherwise known as "bath salts," although it was later learned that the notorious naked man, who was killed by police, had nothing but marijuana in his system.

Florida drug test law for welfare recipients challenged

A controversial Florida law is currently being challenged before a federal appeals court. The state law aims to withhold benefits from welfare applicants who may be guilty of certain drug crimes by requiring that they purchase and pass a drug screening test before they may be granted food stamps, child care subsidies and other welfare benefits.

Orange County Commissioners vote on Pain Clinic Regulation

Orange County Commissioners voted to limit and regulate where new pain management clinics can open.  New pain clinics will now be restricted to industrial zoning areas.  These new restrictions were recommendations based upon Orange County's prescription drug task force and is an attempt to limit prescription pill abuse.

America celebrates Pot Day

I figured that i would not be a very good criminal defense attorney if I did not at least acknowledge the holiday that many people in this country celebrate.  Am I talking about Earth Day?  Nope.  I'm talking about Marijuana appreciation day.  For some reason, and the stories of the how this date came about are as varied as the strains of cannabis, April 20 has become a day to celebrate pot and to protest it's illegal.  All over the country there are groups who participate in this annual event and light up.

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