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December 2012 Archives

Were you charged with drunk driving in Orlando over the holidays?

Throughout Orlando and the rest of the state, Florida Highway Patrol will be in full-force with regard to DUI check points and saturation patrols until New Year's Day. Starting 2013 off with drunk driving charges is certainly not the most desirable of happenings, but it could happen. At times, it can be difficult to know when you have had just one drink too many, particularly in the atmosphere of the holidays and catching up with old friends.

Federal sex crime registration law needs to be modified: Part II

Earlier this week, we began discussing federal oversight of sex offender registration and reporting. Generally, individuals convicted of certain sex crimes are required to tell state officials where they are residing and working. A change in address must be reported to the state. However, some offenders required to register fail to do so when they move to a new state. The federal government has stepped in to better ensure that offender reporting is treated consistently across all fifty states.

Federal sex crime registration law needs to be modified: Part I

The federal government has a vested interest in activities that involve the crossing of state lines. For while states can govern a great deal of daily life within their own borders, when individuals and commerce cross state lines, inconsistencies in policies and procedures can lead to inconsistent and other various unintentionally negative consequences. Thus, the federal government tends to step in and regulate movement of people, goods and services involving travel over state lines.

Apopka drivers' DUI manslaughter conviction overturned

One year ago, an Apopka man was sentenced to 12 years in prison for driving under the influence manslaughter, after he allegedly hit and killed a motorcyclist in Orange County. The 31 year old had been drinking and he apparently had a blood-alcohol content of 0.144 at the time of the accident, which is above the legal limit. What makes this conviction unique, however, is that the Fifth District Court of Appeals reversed it and sent his case back to the circuit judge for a new sentence.

Legal Marketing...Beyond Google

I cannot tell you the last time a day went by when I was not solicited by some marketing or advertising company. Each company trying to sell me on their product and how it was going to transform my law firm and generate more new leads and clients then I could ever dream of handling. These promises come from companies specializing in the phone book (print and online), social media, internet marketing, etc. Each one promised that their medium was the one I should devote the bulk of my time and marketing budget. Our law firm along with Mike Blumenthal decided to make our decisions based on facts rather then rely on dogma. We created a survey using Google Consumer Surveys. As you can see below we were trying to find where people would go to find a specialty lawyer, if you chose to use the internet to find a specialty lawyer what would be the most important to you, and finally if you used Google to find a specialty lawyer, what would you do first?

Courts split on legality of warrantless cellphone searches

Our society increasingly functions via portable electronic devices. Emails have largely replaced letters, cellphone calls have largely replaced those made on landlines and an individual's wireless Internet search history can reveal a great deal about what he or she loves, hates and does on a day-to-day basis. As convenient as portable electronic devices are, they can also reveal incriminating evidence when seized by law enforcement.

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