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Resisting an Officer

Resisting an Officer Can Occur in Several Ways

People don't always make the best decisions under pressure. Whether or not they have actually committed a crime, individuals may be afraid of police action. Some people are unsure about whether or not to cooperate with law enforcement and may even take deliberate actions to block an investigation. When things get out of hand, they may be charged with resisting an officer.

Under the Florida Statutes, there are many ways to resist an officer during the phases of an investigation. If you have been arrested, contact the Orlando, Florida, law firm of Moses & Rooth Attorneys at Law for a free consultation to discuss your case in greater detail.

Florida Laws on Resisting an Officer

Depending on your unique situation, any one of a number of statutes may apply. These statutes outline the Florida laws on resisting an officer. Each charge may also create the opportunity for certain defenses to the charges.

  • 776.051 — Use of force in resisting or making an arrest
  • 843.01 — Resisting an officer with violence to his person
  • 843.02 — Resisting an officer without violence to his person
  • 843.03 — Obstruction by a disguised person
  • 837.055 — False information to law enforcement during investigation
  • 901.36 — Prohibition against giving false name or false identification by person arrested or lawfully detained

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To talk about the charges you face and which defenses may apply, talk with an attorney at our law firm. Contact the lawyers at Moses and Rooth Attorneys at Law by calling our Orlando, Florida, law firm at 407-377-0150. You may also complete our online contact form to schedule a free initial consultation.

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