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Orlando Criminal Defense Lawyers

DUI and Criminal Defense Attorneys in Orange County, Florida

Criminal defense is a complex area of law. As new cases are brought before Florida courts and the Supreme Court, these statutes are interpreted differently. To ensure the best-possible outcome when defending against your criminal charges, it is best to work with attorneys who dedicate time to keeping current on the law and who focus solely on criminal defense.

At Moses and Rooth Attorneys at Law, we handle only criminal defense cases. This means that our clients can trust us to be current on the law and to maintain in-depth knowledge and familiarity with courts throughout Central Florida.

We bring more than just criminal defense legal knowledge to your case. We are former prosecutors who know criminal defense from both sides. While we are devoted to protecting your rights as an accused person, we also know the arguments that the state's attorneys will employ. We tailor our cases in anticipation of those arguments. The result? Effective representation in a broad range of cases, including:

  • Drug crimes: We represent clients facing all variety of drug charges, including possession, trafficking, cultivating and manufacturing. While most often we see charges involving cannabis/marijuana, meth and cocaine, we are familiar with charges involving all drug types.
  • Prescription drug charges: We defend against a wide range of prescription drug crimes, including fraud and illegal possession.
  • DUI: From reckless driving and racing to DUI and vehicular manslaughter, we provide strong criminal defense for individuals facing charges for a variety of traffic offenses.
  • Juvenile offenses: We represent youth who have been charged with offenses such as underage drinking that can have a direct impact on their future opportunities.
  • Violent crimes: Whether the charges are for firearm possession or assault, we know how to prepare a strong defense to protect our clients from harsh penalties.
  • Fraud: White collar criminal charges for fraud such as mortgage fraud or insurance fraud can lead to loss of employment as well as loss of freedom. We represent hard-working individuals to ensure their rights and futures are protected.
  • Sex crimes: A conviction for a sex crime such as child pornography or prostitution not only results in a criminal record, prison time and extensive fines. It also leads to registration as a sex offender. These consequences have long-lasting implications. We fight hard for our clients to avoid the harsh consequences imposed by the legal system.
  • Theft crimes: We provide comprehensive criminal defense representation to clients facing a wide variety of theft crimes, from shoplifting to robbery.
  • Domestic violence: Charges for domestic violence can include crimes such as false imprisonment and battery. A conviction can lead to far-reaching consequences such as loss of right to own and possess a firearm. We work hard to ensure our clients understand what they are facing and what their options are for their defense.
  • General criminal defense: In addition to the above, we defend against a variety of other criminal offenses, including probation violations.

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